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A family run concern since 80 years

Our beverages concern was founded in 1925 by Mr. Angelo Riffeser.
At that time, the soda water and nonalcoholic drinks were produced
in S. Cristina.

After some generation changes, in 1996 was established the limited partnership “Riffeser Otto KG” of O. Riffeser & Co. The objective of the company is the wholesale and the retail trade of all kinds of foodstuffs and beverages, alcoholic drinks and hard liquors included.

So, the old town house with ancient arches arose to a very particular business premise.


In 2001 the retail trade was settled - located at the main road at the entrance of the village of Selva.

Riffeser Otto Vinoteque - Via Mëisules Str. 49 - I-39048 Selva Gardena - Wolkenstein (BZ)
Tel. + Fax +39 0471 794 293 - info@riffeser.net - www.riffeser.net
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